Privacy Policy

The Starling Capital team works hard to offer precautionary measures on our website ( in order to ensure consumer privacy, confidentiality, and security. Our data protection policy updated regularly in order to offer the utmost quality assurance.

This Agreement is executed between you (hereinafter “the Client”) and the Company.

Please read the full disclosure of the limits of your privacy below.

1. Starling Capital collects private information from its clients for identity verification purposes and information gathering via data tracking software.

2. Our clients must freely provide accurate identity verification documents and information as mentioned in our terms and conditions in order to utilize our services. Furthermore, our clients must immediately update our website with changes in personal details. These safety measures secure client trading, deters fraud and money laundering, and protects trading activity on our site (

3. By using our site ( and services, our clients voluntarily consent to all or partial use of client information, including records of transactions and interactions with Starling Capital.

4. Starling Capital collects additional data with cookies in order to track the manner in which our site is used ( and in order to add additional security and privacy measures.

5. Clients must provide verification in writing that they are registering for a Starling Capital account on their own behalf and not through coercion. Any accounts that seem fraudulent will be placed on hold or terminated.

6. Starling Capital makes its best efforts to protect private information and will not share it with third parties without prior written consent. However, we at Starling Capital may be subject to the legal requirements in a client’s jurisdiction.

7. Starling Capital stores all client interactions for record-keeping purposes and will be retrieved should disputes arise between the client and Starling Capital.

8. When a client accepts the terms and conditions on this site, he or she consents to receiving contact via e-mail or telephone from Starling Capital employees on occasion. Starling Capital may occasionally contact clients by phone or email in order to offer information about Starling Capital trading opportunities and promotions. Clients are entitled to prohibit further contact from Starling Capital as any time by contacting the company in writing an expressing a desire to cease contact.

Starling Capital uses state of the art encryption and SSL security technologies in order to protect your personal data, as is common practice among the world's biggest financial institutions. When connecting to the website, make sure you see a lock icon appear in your browser's address bar to insure you are using a protected SSL connection.